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"Rather than thinking of a year spent in Spain as one definable experience, I visualize it as hundreds of smaller events linked in their uniqueness that ultimately resulted in a general feeling about where I had been and accomplished. "

- English major in Madrid, Spain

Special Tip: Consider fulfilling your language requirements while studying abroad. There are programs that allow you to complete a full year or more of language in just one term abroad.

For all Humanities majors:

Academic Advising & Approval

Recommendations by Major


African American Studies

Art History

Asian American Studies

Comparative Literature

Chinese Studies


East Asian Cultures


European Studies

Film & Media Studies


German Studies

Global Cultures


Japanese Language & Lit

Korean Literature and Culture

Literary Journalism


Religious Studies


Women's Studies

Archaelogy Minor

Asian Studies Minor

Chinese Language & Lit Minor

Greek Minor

Classical Civilization Minor

Humanities & Law Minor

Italian Studies Minor

Jewish Studies Minor

Latin Minor

Latin American Studies Minor

Portuguese Minor

Queer Studies Minor

Russian Studies Minor


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