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“I encourage Bren ICS students to complement their education with a study-abroad experience. These experiences can provide a unique perspective on the role that information technology plays in a global economy.  For many of our graduates, the opportunity to spend time abroad comes later in their careers -- if it comes at all. Taking advantage of this chance while they are in school can be invaluable.”

- Professor Amelia Regan
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Donald Bren School of ICS

Tips for ICS Majors

  • The best time to study abroad is sophomore or junior year.
  • If you plan on studying abroad your senior year, please ensure that your major project courses can be completed  at UCI in a timely manner. 
  • Consider working on GE requirements abroad.
  • Consider studying and interning abroad at the same time to build your resume.
  • Please refer to ICS website for more information regarding course transferability.

Suggested programs


  • University of Melbourne - Australia
  • University of Glasgow - Ireland
  • University of Auckland - New Zealand
  • St. Andrews - Scotland
  • National University of Singapore
  • Yonsei University - South Korea
  • Lund University - Sweden
  • University of Edinburgh - United Kingdom


  • Kookmin University - South Korea

See the UCEAP website for program details

For all ICS majors:

Academic Advising & Approval

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