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Is your on-campus club, organization or office interested in learning about opportunities to Study, Work, Teach, Intern, Research or Volunteer ABROAD?

Then let a Study Abroad Center representative put on the

UCI’s Study Abroad Center is the main contact for UCI students interested in opportunities abroad.

Help inform your fellow anteaters about the exciting opportunities that exist around the world! Follow the guidelines below to schedule a presentation led by one of our enthusiastic Peer Advisors.

GUIDELINES FOR Presentation requests:

  • Contact us via email ( at least two weeks prior to your intended presentation request.
  • In the email please include the following information:
    • The name of your organization
    • The specific date, time, and location of when you would like us to come
    • How long you would like the presentation to be
    • An estimate of how many people will be attending
    • The name, phone number, and email address of a person we can contact to confirm the event and other details
    • Any special requests (e.g. we can focus the presentation on a specific major or country/region, provide specific country brochures, etc.)
  • Once you receive confirmation from us that your dates and times can be accommodated, you can advertise to your members accordingly.

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