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Study Abroad Information for Academic Counselors

Useful links for Academic Counselors:

    Advising Tips & Reminders:

    • GE and minor advising:  Academic Counselors from the student’s School of major should advise students about all graduation requirements (e.g. including minors and GE requirements). Academic Counselors can consult with other appropriate Schools if they have questions after reviewing how courses from abroad should count.
    • Lower division versus upper division approvals: 
      • EAP courses that have already been taken are in the UCEAP Course Catalog and are already clearly identified as upper or lower division (1-99 is lower division; 100+ is upper division). 
      • For all other courses (e.g. new EAP courses not in the EAP Course Catalog or IOP courses), Academic Counselors and/or faculty from the student’s School of major can make the determination of whether they are upper or lower division based on the course descriptions.  It’s best to use descriptions rather than course numbers given that programs/institutions abroad may not follow the same numbering system as UCI.  Lower division courses typically include words like "introductory" or "fundamental" or anything that's a broad survey of an entire academic discipline.  Upper division courses include more specific details such as advanced or in-depth understanding of particular topic.
    • Language equivalencies:  Petitions for language course equivalencies should be directed to the appropriate language department for initial review:

    Department Contacts for Language Course Approval

    Faculty Member
    East Asian
    Languages & Literature
    Ruohmei Hsieh /
    Chungmoo Choi (Undergraduate Director)
    French French and Italian Herschel Farbman
    German German Anke Biendarra
    Greek Classics Cynthia Claxton (Undergraduate Director)
    Italian French and Italian James Chiampi
    Japanese East Asian
    Languages & Literature
    Hidemi Riggs /
    Chungmoo Choi (Undergraduate Director)
    Korean East Asian
    Languages & Literature
    Hyun-young Hyun /
    Chungmoo Choi (Undergraduate Director)
    Latin Classics Cynthia Claxton (Undergraduate Director)
    Spanish Spanish and Portuguese Julio Torres

    For languages not on this list, contact Humanities Academic Counselor Brittney Pinney:

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