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GRADUATE STUDENTS: You MUST submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) before you will be allowed to enroll in classes. The URL, username, and password to the SIR are sent in a message to the email address you entered in your on-line application.

ALL STUDENTS: Select the appropriate link below for course enrollment information:


Step 1: Select courses

You will only be allowed to register towards the end of the preceeding quarter.To view available classes, select a department name and click on the "Display Web Results" button. You may also access the UCI General Catalog on-line for course descriptions, but please keep in mind that NOT ALL COURSES IN THE CATALOG ARE OFFERED EACH QUARTER, AND SOME MAY NOT BE OFFERED AT ALL.

Should you need guidance on enrolling, you may contact the designated reciprocity Academic Counselor in your school. Please clearly indicate that you are an EAP Reciprocity student coming to UCI. They will not be able to advise you on the equivalency of UCI courses to your home university, but they can provide assistance regarding details of courses offered here. If you wish to meet with an Academic Counselor, you may contact them to schedule an appointment. A listing of Undergraduate Academic Counseling Offices web sites for all majors can also be found on-line.

The Program in Academic English offers courses for non-native English speakers who are interested in improving their English skills.

Step 2: Enroll in courses

For registration purposes, you are considered a "New Transfer Student." Each student's "Enrollment Window" (the date you can begin enrolling) opens on a different date and time. You can find out when your particular enrollment window opens beginning on the date indicated on the Quarterly Academic Calendar under "Enrollment," then "View enrollment window in WebReg." Beginning on that date, you may access WebReg to find out when your Enrollment Window opens. Make sure you have activated your UCInetID before using WebReg.

You must read all course enrollment instructions carefully before attempting to enroll. Definitions of terms used in enrolling can be found on the web. The SOC also contains instructions on how to enroll in lecture and discussion sections.

Biological Science Majors, some courses you are not eligible to enroll in. Here is the list from last year, but please check back for the 2018-19 list to come soon.

We STRONGLY recommend that you enroll in classes as soon as your enrollment window opens. You are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 units (normally 3 courses) each quarter. This is an EAP and Visa requirement. Most students enroll in 12-16 units each quarter (3-4 courses).

You may receive information about summer academic advising sessions -- you are NOT required to attend these. Some departments automatically require all students to meet with an Academic Counselor in their first term at UCI. However, this is not required of you, due to your exchange student status. If you were emailed about this, contact your department and explain that you do not have to do this because of your EAP Reciprocity student status. Failure to explain this may result in a hold being placed on your record, whereby you will not be allowed to enroll in classes in subsequent quarters.

To find the date of the first day of instruction, go to the Quarterly Academic Calendar and scroll down to "Quarter Activity."

Watch this tutorial on enrolling in courses


Be sure to first read How To Enroll In Courses.

You may not be allowed to enroll in certain classes due to a restriction, such as a prerequisite course requirement. However, you may be able to gain admission to the class with the department and/or professor's approval. To determine if a course has a restriction, look in the SOC under the "Rstr" column and see if there is a restriction code. The key to what the restriction codes mean is listed at the bottom of each page. You may also look in the UCI General Catalog to find out the title and description of the prerequisite course for each course you wish to take. If you can demonstrate that you have an appropriate background in that subject to take the class (e.g. you have taken similar classes at your home university) you should be able to add the class without having taken the specific prerequisite at UCI. If you wish to add a class with a prerequisite, you should:

1) contact an Academic Counselor in the School that is offering the course. Some Academic Counselors can either waive prerequisites on your behalf, or determine if you meet the prerequisite and allow you access to the course. Please only contact ONE academic counselor at a time. Use the Template for Prerequisite Clearance Request when emailing them. If this doesn't work, you should...

2) contact the professor of the course before you arrive. Use the search function on the UCI web site (top right corner) to obtain faculty contact information and see if he/she will allow you to add the course. He/she may want to know about your background in the subject, so be prepared to e-mail/fax a transcript and/or course descriptions of previous courses you have taken. However, some professors are on vacation over the summer/winter holidays and/or are unavailable, in which case you should...

3) wait until you arrive and talk to the professor in person. Bring relevant course descriptions and evidence of classes you have taken at your home university, as described above, so that the professor may evaluate your background in the subject.

Note that some classes are restricted to "majors only". Usually, this is due to a lack of space in the course, and if you are not admitted into the major at UCI, you most likely will not be allowed to take that class. Also note that a few classes (ex: some Film Studies classes) may have additional fees associated with the class, as noted in the "Rstr" column in the SOC. These fees are NOT included in your EAP exchange and you are responsible for paying these fees yourself upon arrival to UCI.


Be sure to first read How To Enroll In Courses.

If you cannot enroll in the courses you need before the enrollment deadline, you may still be able to add your courses in the following two ways:

1) During the second open enrollment period. This is also done through WebReg. Dates are found on the Quarterly Academic Calendar under "Enrollment," then "Open Enrollment."

2) Upon arrival to UCI. Further instructions will be given at the EAP Reciprocity Student Welcome Orientation.

Keep in mind that enrollment in your desired courses is not guaranteed and your chance of being able to register for the classes you want is much greater if you enroll as close as possible to the date that your enrollment window opens. If you have problems enrolling in courses, be sure to contact the EAP Reciprocity Counselor, Megan Ostovarpour,

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