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EAP Reciprocity students are NOT required to pay UCI Registration Fees, however, all students ARE assessed the mandatory Health Insurance Fee. In some cases, you may also be responsible for laboratory fees, studio fees, etc. In order for your registration fees to be waived on your UCI Zot Account, the Study Abroad Center will input an electronic "fee waiver" as follows:

Registration Fees: Waived about two weeks before the UCI fee payment deadline for each quarter you will be attending UCI.

Health Insurance Fee: ** All students attending UCI are required to have health insurance ** Undergraduate students are insured by the Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP). Graduate Students are insured by the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP). Coverage details can be found here. All registered students can go to the Student Health Center (SHC) for medical treatment. Information about their services can be found on their website. SHC will also send you information describing the UCI entrance examinations required of all incoming students. Read that material carefully and follow any instructions that are given. You will need to provide your immunization records to UCI either before you leave or upon arrival, so be sure to obtain this information, in English, from your doctor.

You are responsible for either 1) paying for health insurance or 2) obtaining a health insurance waiver.


If you wish to use the UCI insurance (recommended), you will need to pay your health insurance fee before you arrive to UCI by logging into your Zot Account.

The cost of USHIP is $593 for fall and winter quarters, and $592 in spring quarter
The cost of GSHIP is $1,311 for fall and winter quarters, and $1,310 in spring quarter

You are responsible for making this payment each quarter! The deadlines to pay your health insurance fee are:

Fall quarter 2017: September 15
Winter quarter 2018: December 15
Spring quarter 2018: March 15


If you have your own health insurance and wish to apply for an exemption from the UCI health insurance, your insurance MUST meet ALL of the criteria specified on the waiver application. If it does, complete the waiver, include the necessary documentation, and submit it by the deadline. Waiver applications can be found here. If your insurance is not approved for an exemption, you will need to be prepared to pay the health insurance fee. Please contact Ana Fermin ( with any questions about the waiver. The deadlines to apply for a waiver are:

Fall quarter 2017: September 8, 2017
Winter quarter 2017: December 8, 2017
Spring quarter 2017: March 9, 2018

Educ Technology Fee: The non-refundable eTech Fee is required of all students, including reciprocity students and is used to support the maintenance and improvement of existing education technology, and new services and capabilities. The eTech fee is listed separately, as the charged amount varies based on the amount of undergraduate units the student is enrolled in and is assessed later in the term than the other fees listed. The fee is $4 per unit of undergraduate lecture course, up to a maximum amount of $60 (or 15 units) per quarter. It will be assessed after the third week of instruction.

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