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Congratulations on completing an unforgettable adventure! We know that you have had exciting, wonderful, sad, funny, unforgettable and - most of all - enriching experiences. We also know that there can be challenges to readjusting to life back home. For information on readjustment, we strongly recommend that you read the following links:

While you prepare your departure from UCI and your return to your home campus, there are a few things of which you will want to be aware:

  • Departure Notification Form. You must stop by the International Center to notify them that you will be leaving and complete the Departure Notification form approximately 2 weeks before departure. Please note that they are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Transcripts. EAP will arrange to have one (1) official transcript sent to your home university. If you would like your own official copy for your personal records, please follow the instructions on the Registrar's website. You may also access your unofficial transcript on the web via Student Access until 60 days after you are no longer a UCI student.
  • Incomplete Work. Do not leave UCI with any incomplete work in your courses. Make sure that any changes you have made to your schedule (adds, drops, grading options, etc.) have been changed officially on your transcript. You may check Student Access on the web to do so.
  • Unpaid Bills. Do not leave UCI with any unpaid bills (library, housing, etc.). Any outstanding bills may result in a hold being placed on the release of your transcript. You may check your ZotAccount on line to see if you have an outstanding bill.
  • UCI Email. You will be able to use your UCI email for one year following the conclusion of your program

We wish you a safe journey home!! Stop by the Study Abroad Center to say goodbye!


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