Emergency Abroad Information

In case of a current emergency while abroad, contact local emergency services to address your immediate health or safety needs and secure immediate assistance. In addition, the following contacts are available:



Safety Recommendations

Safety is always a primary concern for students and their families. Many students will be living or visiting new places that are unfamiliar, presenting new challenges. Whether traveling to a major metropolitan city or a rural environment, anywhere around the world the most important thing you can do is to familiarize yourself with your new host country, city, or region.

Here are a few tips for all study abroad participants to keep in mind:

  • If there is an emergency while abroad, contact one or more or the below, depending on the emergency. Keep these contacts where you can find them:
    • Contact local emergency services to address your immediate health or safety needs.
      • Find out from your program leaders how to contact local emergency services.
    • Contact your on-site program leader.
    • Contact the UCI Police 24-hour public safety number:1-949-824-5223
    • Contact the UC Travel Insurance Travel Assistance contact. See your travel insurance card.
  • What to expect from UCI in case of an emergency affecting the region (or nearby region) you are in:
    • You will be contacted for a Welfare Check-in.
      • This may come from your program leader, a UCI staff member, a UC Travel Insurance Travel Assistance staff member, etc.
      • This may come by phone, email, text, or various social media channels.
    • Please respond promptly to all Welfare Check-ins, even if only to confirm that you are not in a particular area.
    • Be sure to respond to and follow all instructions you are given regarding keeping you and your peers safe. The instructions will be provided to you as a coordinated effort among your program leader, UCI staff, UC Travel Insurance staff, the local U.S. embassy or consulate, etc.