Emergency Abroad Information


UCEAP EMERGENCY NUMBER:  +1 (805) 893-4762



Preparation for all UCI faculty-led programs: 

There are 3 steps for every UCI student to take before participating in any UCI-sponsored program abroad.

  1. Register your itinerary
    1. US State Department here or by visiting https://step.state.gov/STEP/Pages/Common/Citizenship.aspx
    2. Study Abroad Center to enter emergency contact info at  https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/3ru82abxh-2019
  2. Purchase UC Travel Insurance here or by visiting https://ehs.ucop.edu/away
  3. Complete the online Pre-departure Orientation here or by visiting https://ucabroad.ucop.edu


Safety Recommendations

Safety is always a primary concern for students and their families. Many students will be living or visiting major metropolitan cities around the world where problems associated with high population density urban living (i.e. crime, crowded public transportation, pollution, lack of privacy, etc.) are common. Your personal safety is very important to keep in mind in these situations. Because many UCI students are not used to “big city” living, and because you will be on unfamiliar ground both physically and culturally and, in many cases communicating in another language, the most important thing you can do is to familiarize yourself with the particular aspects of your new host country and city.

Here are a few tips for all study abroad participants to keep in mind:

  • If there is an emergency while abroad, contact one or more or the below, depending on the emergency. Keep these contacts where you can find them:
    • Contact local emergency services to address your immediate health or safety needs.
      • Find out from your program leaders how to contact local emergency services.
    • Contact your on-site program leader.
    • Contact the UCI Police 24-hour public safety number:1-949-824-5223
    • Contact the UC Travel Insurance Travel Assistance contact.  See your travel insurance card.
  • What to expect from UCI in case of an emergency affecting the region (or nearby region) you are in:
    • You will be contacted for a Welfare Check-in.
      • This may come from your program leader, a UCI staff member, a UC Travel Insurance Travel Assistance staff member, etc.
      • This may come by phone, email, text, orvarious social media channels.
    • Please respond promptly to all Welfare Check-ins, even if only to confirm that you are not in a particular area.
    • Be sure to respond to and follow all instructions you are given regarding keeping you and your peers safe. The instructions will be provided to you as a coordinated effort among your program leader, UCI staff, UC Travel Insurance staff, the local U.S. embassy or consulate, etc.