Every dollar makes an immediate and lasting impact on UCI students, whose study abroad experiences will help them affect positive change in the world, both locally and globally. Below are some ideas of how your donation impacts a student’s experience.

 $10 – covers entrance to a local cultural event while abroad

$25 – covers the cost of an electrical converter/adapter

$75 – covers the average cost of budget meals for a weekwhile abroad
$150 – covers the cost of a new passport 
$400 – covers the average monthly local transportation, books and incidentals while abroad
$1,000 – covers the average cost of airfare
$1,500 – replaces average student work income forfeited while studying abroad for one semester

$2,500 – replaces an average student loan for one study abroad semester

Make a Gift

To date, all donations help to support the Friends of Study Abroad Scholarship fund.  Scholarships to individual students range from $800 to $1,500.  As our scholarship resources increase we will be able to increase both the number of awards and the amount of individual awards.

If you would like to discuss or plan your giving, please contact:
Jeanne d’Arc Gomis
Director, Study Abroad Center
(949) 824-8658