Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UCEAP Application Questions

UCEAP has launched a new application system. As with many new systems, you might encounter issues. Below are the ones we are aware of and what to do about them. If you cannot resolve your issue using the below, please contact us for assistance. We will continually update the below as issues become identified. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

Q:  I applied for a UCEAP program last year, am I a “returning user” in MyEAP?

A:  No.  All students applying for a UCEAP program summer 2020 and beyond must register as a “new user.” Use this link to register/apply in the new MyEAP application portal. DO NOT use Google or any search engine to search MyEAP as it may link you to the old system.  The appropriate MyEAP screen login and application will be white with teal coloring.

Q:  I cannot seem to apply for my program in UCIAbroad as when I click on the term it says “(limit reached).” What do I do?

A:  As our instructions state on the Deadlines & How to Apply page, you can only submit one application for a given program term.  So if you submit an application in UCIAbroad for a Summer 2020 program, the system will not allow you to submit an application for another Summer 2020 program.  Email if you would like to cancel a submitted application.  In the email include your full name, UCI ID#, and the application you would like us to cancel.

Q:  I can’t find my Major on the UCEAP application.

A:  Choose a major that is as similar to yours as possible.  Don’t worry that it is not accurate, we have your correct UCI major in your UCIAbroad application.

Q:  I am a transfer student, how is my GPA calculated?

A:  To calculate cumulative GPAs for transfer students, we average your cumulative transfer GPA + units completed with your cumulative UC GPA + units completed, until you have been at UCI for a full year (3 quarters).  Once you have been at UCI for a full year, we only use your UC cumulative GPA to determine if you meet the cumulative GPA required for your program.  GPA checks are done at time of application and on a quarterly basis until departure, so it is imperative that as a transfer student you work towards your UC cumulative GPA meeting the program requirements to maintain eligibility.

Q: I just applied! What should I do next? 

A: Congratulations! Please double check that you have applied through UCIAbroad and MyEAP. If you completed both steps of applying, you should have received an email from with confirmation. Please be advised that UCEAP currently does not send email confirmations when you submit the application. You will hear back about your status anywhere between 2 weeks to a month after the program deadline. (You can check the deadline for your program again here.) For now, just wait and relax! Stop by the Study Abroad Center to pick up your free UCEAP t-shirt and travel goodie bag!