Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UCEAP Application Questions

If you have specific questions about UCEAP programs, check out the UCEAP Virtual Office Hours!

Q: I’m a new transfer student and don’t yet have a UC GPA. Can I apply?

A: Yes, you can apply for most programs. There are some programs that require you to have a UC GPA when you apply so you can’t apply for those. For all other programs, the Outbound Study Abroad Advisor will either use your transfer GPA or fall quarter grades once those are posted in December. Additional questions, reach out to the Outbound Study Abroad Advisors.

Q: I’m a freshman and don’t  yet have a UC GPA. Can I apply?

A: Yes, you can apply but you must wait until after you have fall quarter grades. You need to look for a program whose deadline is in January or later. Also note that for limited capacity programs there is a chance the program will fill before you can apply so we encourage you to consider a new option or apply for a future term if this happens. Additional questions, reach out to the Outbound Study Abroad Advisors.

Q: Can I apply to two different back-to-back programs (e.g. Italy fall, Japan spring)?

A: While it may be possible to participate in back-to-back programs, first ensure that the calendars will not conflict. You can’t request to arrive late or leave early. Also, note that student visa or other entry requirements may make it impossible or difficult for a certain program or country combination. Contact us before applying to find out if your back-to-back combination is possible.

Q: I cannot seem to apply for my program in the UCIAbroad portal, when I click on the term it says “(limit reached).” What do I do?

A: As our instructions state on the Deadlines page, you can only submit one application for a given program term. So if you submit an application in UCIAbroad for a Summer 2023 program, the system will not allow you to submit an application for another Summer 2023 program. Email if you would like to cancel a submitted application. In the email include your full name, UCI ID#, and the application you would like us to cancel.

Q: I can’t find my Major or Minor on the UCEAP application.

A: Choose a major or minor that is as similar to yours as possible. Don’t worry that it is not accurate, we have your correct UCI major in your UCIAbroad application.

Q: I am a transfer student, how is my GPA calculated?

A: Your transfer GPA will be used until you establish a UC GPA.

Q: Do I need to turn in an Academic Planning Worksheet as a major not listed under the Academic requirement in UCIAbroad?

A: Unless your major is listed on the UCEAP Application Requirement List, it is not necessary to submit an Academic Planning Form or Worksheet of any sort.

Q: One optional requirement on my application is the Department Preliminary Approval to extend form (DPA). What is the benefit of filling out this form?

A: The DPA form indicates your interest in the possibility of extending your time abroad. If you are considering extending your stay we suggest you fill out the DPA Form as it is not binding! Students abroad often state they were not ready to come home at the end of their program and wish they could continue reaping the benefits of study abroad longer. So consider filling out the DPA form if you are interested in the possibility of extending your time abroad.

Q: The application asks that I list all the classes I plan to take for the academic quarters preceding the term before I go abroad, what if I don’t know for sure what classes I’m going to take?

A: The courses you list are just an approximation! We just want to make sure you fulfill any prerequisite courses, and that you are planning to take the appropriate number of units during each term prior to departure.

Q: Do I need to upload a copy of my passport?

A: If your application instructions state that you should upload a copy of your passport, make sure to upload a copy of it. If this is not listed on your application instructions, then it is not necessary for you to upload a copy of your passport.

Q: What if I do not have a passport by the time of my application deadline?

A: If your application asks for a passport copy and you are done with your application, submit your application as is and apply for a passport as soon as possible to ensure it will arrive by the deadline provided in the instructions. Do NOT upload passports that are currently expired or will expire before your study abroad program begins or ends.

Q: When should I petition for my courses?

A: Contact your School’s Academic Counselor and ask about when they want you to petition for courses.

Q: I just applied! What should I do next?

A: Congratulations! Please double check that you have submitted applications in both UCIAbroad and the UCEAP Portal. If you submitted both, you will hear back about your status around 3-4 weeks after you submit.