Engineering Majors Study Abroad

Suggested Options

For details on the below programs as well as more options, see UCEAP, Other UC Programs, and Independent Programs

Contact an Engineering Peer Academic Advisor

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Go Abroad During the Summer

Engineering Classes Available: Engineering Lab or Internship Available
  • UCEAP Germany (Munich Univ of Applied Sciences)
  • UCEAP Hong Kong (HKUST)
  • UC Summer Abroad (Davis) Japan or Korea
  • UC Summer Abroad (Riverside) Mexico or Switzerland
  • Independent Programs (CCRC) China
  • UCEAP Japan (Osaka Univ)
  • UCEAP Hong Kong (CUHK)
  • UCEAP Singapore (ASTAR)
  • UCEAP Taiwan (NTU)
  • Independent Programs (Panrimo) England, Scotland, Spain
  • Independent Programs (ISA) Various Countries

Go Abroad During the School Year

Engineering Classes Available: Engineering Lab or Internship Available
  • UCEAP Australia
  • UCEAP China (Michigan/Shanghai Joint Institute; Tsinghua Univ)
  • UCEAP Hong Kong
  • UCEAP Ireland
  • UCEAP Korea
  • UCEAP New Zealand
  • UCEAP Singapore (NUS)
  • UCEAP South Africa
  • Independent Programs (CIEE & IES) Spain
  • UCEAP Sweden
  • UCEAP Taiwan
  • UCEAP United Kingdom
  • UCEAP China (Michigan/Shanghai Joint Institute)
  • UCEAP Japan (Osaka Univ)
  • UCEAP Japan (Tohoku Univ)

Michelle Freret
Major: Mechanical Engineering
United Kingdom
Year 2012-2013

“Studying abroad in the UK was a life-changing experience. For the first time living on my own, it was much more than I could ask for. I’ll never forget the people I met, the places I got to see, and the crazy experiences I had. From walking around in the freezing weather of Stockholm, to wandering around the small medieval village of Castle Combe, to walking up hilly Bristol to admire its multi-colored buildings, I wouldn’t hesitate to I’d do it all again! I’d definitely encourage all students to go abroad, regardless of major.”

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