International Students

F Visa or J Visa Holders Only

International students are encouraged to study abroad but to ensure a successful departure and return to UCI, you must do as follows:

1. Know how studying abroad will affect your status at UCI:

  • All International Students participating on any program abroad and returning to UCI will need to get a Travel Signature from the International Center.
  • International Students considering any of the below study abroad options must make an appointment at the International Center.  Do this before committing to a study abroad program.
    • Participating in Independent Programs during the academic year.
    • Participating in any program abroad your final quarter as a UCI student.
    • Participating in Independent Programs after graduating and planning to do Optional Practical Training (OPT).

2. Know if you are eligible for the specific study abroad program:

  • Once you choose a specific study abroad program you are advised to ask the program if you are eligible based on your citizenship and U.S. visa status.  If you choose a UCEAP program, contact the Program Advisor for your chosen program.  All others (e.g. Independent Programs, UC Summer Abroad, UC Davis Quarter Abroad) inquire with the program’s contact.

    You may want to use this sample inquiry:
    I am an International Student at UC Irvine with a F1 visa [or J1 visa].  My passport is from [your country].  Am I eligible to apply for [program name]?