There are very few times in life that one has the opportunity to explore the world while also gaining professional work experience. During the summer of 2018 I did exactly that – by landing an internship at Migrants Organise, a non-profit organization based in London.

I was given a seat at the table for discussion on the issues of refugee misrepresentation within media outlets and how their communication is often voiced by powerful institutionalized structures. This went perfectly with my career interest in human rights and the humanitarian realm. I engaged with local refugees and asylum seekers by hosting and organizing a poetry reading evening titled ‘Peace in Unity’ (that’s me on stage in the photo!).  This event benefited the victims of Grenfell Tower, a building occupied by many refugees and low income families, that collapsed due to poor government monitoring. With 200 people attending, the event was a success in attracting local media attention and more importantly, uniting a broken community.

It was a hands-on experience in which I was able to network globally, figure out my professional interests, and experience an exchange of cultural understanding. Taking this internship was definitely a confidence booster as I experienced true independence away from a “safety net”. As I make my way into the working world, my opportunities have greatly expanded because of interning abroad.