One of the things that I feel like people forget when they study abroad is how amazing it is to be in a different country. When I studied abroad in England I was extremely excited to be so close to Europe and I made it my goal to travel as much as I could. I was over half way through my time in England and had already gone to the Netherlands, Germany, and France. When I was looking for somewhere else to go one weekend I happened to discover that there was a castle just twenty minutes away from where I was studying. I was shocked to find such an amazing location so close to where I was studying in Bristol and spent the whole weekend exploring the area that I had been living in the past couple of months. I was so excited to see the rest of Europe that I forgot to explore the area close to me and discover what it had to offer. When you are studying abroad everyday is a new adventure and I learned to not take for granted the location that I am in and to discover the hidden gems that might surprise you.