Other UC Programs

In addition to UC Systemwide Programs (UCEAP), individual University of California (UC) campuses offer their own programs abroad. These programs are open to all UC students and many are open to students from across the U.S.

  • Programs are designed specifically for UC students and are led by UC faculty.
  • Most participants are other UC students, and the number of participants is limited, creating a small, cohort feel.
  • Program details, such as  location, dates, courses, cost, eligibility, etc., may match your needs.
  • Programs may align well with your academic, personal or professional interests.
  • You can receive UC credit and financial aid. More information here.

Discover Other UC Programs by clicking on the links below.  Most other UCs offer summer options and UC Davis also offers quarter options abroad. All program details, such as eligibility requirements, program length, and cost (and what the cost includes) vary by program.  If you have program-specific questions, contact the program provider directly.

Quarter Options

Summer Options

We offer a variety of resources to help you Choose Your Program.  If you have program-specific questions, contact the program provider directly.  Still can’t decide? Book a virtual advising appointment for assistance.

Click here for deadlines and how to apply.