Returned from Abroad

Welcome Back!  Returning home after studying abroad can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming.  Below is information and resources that can help you with your transition back to your life at home and at UCI, including recommendations for how to keep your international experience alive.

Important Returnee Information

Congratulations on completing an unforgettable adventure! Some of you have already come by the Study Abroad Center to share stories, photographs and travel adventures. We know that you have had exciting, traumatic, wonderful, sad, funny, unforgettable and – most of all – enriching experiences. We also know that there can be challenges to readjusting to life at “home.” For information on readjustment, we strongly recommend that you read the following links:

Below you will find information regarding questions that returnees often have. We look forward to hearing your stories and helping you find ways to deepen and extend your life-long international learning. It never has to end!

Getting Credit

UCEAP Returnees

First check your transcript on Student Access to see if your grades have been posted. As you know, all of the classes you took while on UCEAP will appear on your UCI transcript, including grades and units. Grades can take up to three months (90 days) after the official end date of your program to be posted to your transcript.

Second, if you wish to fulfill any UCI degree requirements, review the Academics page for details on the process to follow.  If you experience any difficulties, contact the Study Abroad Center for assistance.

Other UC Program & Independent Program Returnees

First, for units to be granted, the transcript provided by the Independent program or Other UC Program must be submitted electronically using the specific vendors or methods listed on the UCI Admissions page and you must submit the Current Student Update form to Admissions.

You can check your transcript on Student Access to verify that Admissions has recorded your credit on your UCI transcript. Please keep in mind that it generally takes at least two weeks from receipt of your abroad transcript for credit to be posted to your UCI transcript.

Second, if you wish to fulfill any UCI degree requirements, contact the Academic Counselor in the school of your major to verify that you will receive the correct credit as indicated on your Academic Planning DocuSign, or petition any new courses not listed there. If you experience any difficulties with this process, contact the Study Abroad Center for assistance.


If you are planning to graduate soon and have any questions about how to make sure that happens, contact an Academic Counselor in the School of your major.

Medical Review Upon Return

Student Health Center (SHC) recommends all UCEAP and Independent Programs participants to make an appointment for a follow-up visit after your return to UCI from your time abroad. For students returning from countries where tuberculosis is prevalent, a visit to SHC is highly recommended and a test for tuberculosis may be necessary. Make an appointment for a post examination within the first quarter you return from abroad with the Nurse Clinic by calling (949)824-5304. There is no charge to see the nurse but students will be responsible for the cost of any lab tests or x-rays deemed necessary by the SHC medical staff.

How Was It?

We recommend that you take the time to meet with anyone who supported you in your application or pre-departure preparations, such as the person who wrote your letter of recommendation, any person or organization who contributed to you financially, your study abroad advisor, etc. These people like to hear about what this experience meant to you and what you learned from it (about yourself, the world, etc.). We encourage you to take the time to share with them and us!

We host a Welcome (Back) Breakfast during Fall Quarter and Winter Quarter. You will receive an email when this event is available to you as a returnee. You can join us to connect with fellow returnees, our new incoming UCEAP Reciprocity students, faculty, staff, and UCI students with global experiences and passions including future study abroad students.

Returnee Opportunities

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Opportunities include events, volunteering, networking, and more!

Country Sash

Show your global pride at graduation and make your international experience visible! Accent your cap and gown with a Country Sash! Order online.

The World at UCI

Check out opportunities at UCI to meet international students, learn about other cultures, and learn about international events and issues. Deepen and expand your international learning!

UCEAP Exchange Partners Program

Information for Returnees

The Study Abroad Center is offering an exciting opportunity to meet an international student studying abroad at UC Irvine, learn about a new (or already-familiar) foreign culture, give recommendations and advice, and perhaps even practice your foreign language skills. All of this and more is possible through the Study Abroad Center’s UCEAP Exchange Partner Program. Participation is voluntary, and you can determine how often you would like to connect with your partner once you are paired up.

If you would like to participate in this program, please fill out the sign-up form by December 15th. If you have any questions, please contact Christina Choe at

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Congratulations on completing your unforgettable adventure abroad! We are sure you have amazing photos and stories to share that can inspire future participants. Here are a few ways: 

  1. Be featured on @UCIAbroad Instagram by completing an interest form!
  2. Share your Google Photo albums with that we can use in our marketing materials (social media, website, flyers, etc.)
  3. Participate in the Global Anteaters: Impactful Narratives (GAIN) Project
    • The GAIN project showcases global, international, and intercultural stories of UCI students.
    • It is designed to inspire others to explore and pursue global experiences while connecting you to others and growing your network.
    • You can earn a swag for completing the interview and all tasks.

If you have other ideas or ways you want to share your stories, please feel free to email

Be a Study Abroad  Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors at the UCI Study Abroad Center are UCI students who have participated in a study, work, internship, volunteer, research or teaching program in a foreign country or have other global interests, passions, and experiences. Peer Advisors assist the Study Abroad Center with outreach, publicity, and advising for the various opportunities abroad that are available to UCI students.  Click here for details on how to join our team.