Returnee Seminar (Uni Studies 197D)

Course Offered Fall 2022

Course description:

This course was designed specifically to help study abroad returnees reflect on their global experiences. It will also teach you how to market the skills you gained during your study abroad experience (for graduate schools or jobs) as well as provide an opportunity to exchange stories and connect with other study abroad returnees. Most importantly, this course allows you to continue your Global learning even after you have returned to campus.

Course Instructor: Rachel Martin

DSC 3154 Rachel Martin Web

Professor Rachel Martin is a biophysical chemist who develops new scientific instrumentation and methodology to discover how proteins perform their biological functions. In particular, her group studies the transparent proteins making up the eye lens, which focus light on the retina. Unlike most proteins, which are continually degraded and recycled, these extraordinary proteins last a lifetime, remaining transparent at high concentrations. The Martin lab investigates the molecular structures of the individual proteins, the transparent hydrogel making up the lens, and the aggregates that form in cataract disease. Prof. Martin and her co-workers have also sequenced the genome of a carnivorous plant and discovered more than 100 novel enzymes. This work requires interaction with colleagues all over the world. Prof. Martin has active collaborations in Canada, France, Germany, and Mexico, and travels frequently for research and conferences. Her lab’s website can be found here:

Past students say:

  • To be able to apply study abroad experiences to the professional world definitely requires practice and I’m glad I took this class to help me prepare for how to use my experiences to potentially get me a job.
  • Learning how to transfer skills from studying abroad to professional life was the most helpful. Instructor comments on my reflections helped me see things about my experiences that I couldn’t really see myself.
  • The readings and activities from the class were extremely informative and useful in order to think deeply about my abroad experience.
  • The discussions and the opportunity to hear from others what their experience was like helped me to figure out how I grew as a person as well as a global citizen.
  • This class was a fun way to continue to enjoy and share your study abroad experience even though it is over.

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