Returnee Seminar

Enroll in Uni Studies197D:
Study Abroad Experiential Learning

Fall Quarter 2019

1.0 unit P/NP seminar
Tuesdays, 2:00-2:50pm
Humanities Hall (HH) 105
Course Code: 87800
How to Enroll: Send authorization code request to Include your name & study abroad country(ies).


This course, which is exclusively for study abroad returnees, will help you:

  • Reflect on your study abroad experience in a meaningful way
  • Market your study abroad experience for graduate schools or jobs
  • Exchange stories & bond with other study abroad returnees
  • Continue your international learning on campus!

Why should you take in this class? Read what past students have to say:

  • To be able to apply study abroad experiences to the professional world definitely requires practice and I’m glad I took this class to help me prepare for how to use my experiences to potentially get me a job.
  • Learning how to transfer skills from studying abroad to professional life was the most helpful. Instructor comments on my reflections helped me see things about my experiences that I couldn’t really see myself.
  • The readings and activities from the class were extremely informative and useful in order to think deeply about my abroad experience.
  • The discussions and the opportunity to hear from others what their experience was like helped me to figure out how I grew as a person as well as a global citizen.
  • This class was a fun way to continue to enjoy and share your study abroad experience even though it is over.

Meet your Professor:

Glenn Levine, Professor, German School of Humanities & Language Program Director, German 


Glenn Levine is a Professor of German in the Department of European Languages and Studies. He is former Director of the UCI Study Abroad Center and has both participated as student in study abroad programs himself, and and a faculty member led study-abroad courses in Germany and other cities in Europe. As an applied linguist, Professor Levine researches and publishes scholarly works on foreign-language learning and the acquisition of intercultural competence during study abroad. Most recently he has been working on a long-term ethnographic project with adolescent and adult migrants learning German in Berlin. In the School of Humanities he teaches courses on language learning and teaching, multilingualism, German-Jewish history and culture, as well as European culinary history.

To learn more about Professor Levine as well as how to navigate your own personal & professional path back at UC Irvine, enroll in the seminar.

If you have any questions, contact the Study Abroad Center