Off-Campus Housing for All Students

If you are not planning to live on-campus, it is your responsibility to find off-campus housing. Note that some “off campus” options are across the street and closer than some “on campus.” Additionally, you may find some on campus subleases in off campus resources.

Map of UCI and nearby Off Campus Housing

Here are a few resources to help you find housing before arriving to UCI:

  • UCI Housing Administrative Services has some useful off-campus housing information on their web site, including contact information for Student Housing Advisors who are available to help you.
  • California Housing Board. This housing board provides a forum for students to share information about housing for rent and housing situations wanted near UCI.
  • The Anteater Housing Network is an online housing and roommate finder for off-campus housing. There are several apartment communities within walking distance of the campus. There are also a number of listings for sublets and rooms in homes that do not require a 12 month commitment.
  • UCI Facebook Groups
  • There are apartments within walking distance to campus that may be available, administered by the Irvine Apartment Communities (IAC).
  • Apartment List provides listings of Irvine off-campus housing options and housing options in neighboring cities. Search for apartments and houses for rent.
  • If you are interested in living with a family, we are aware of a couple of organizations that can arrange a homestay for you. WISE and Homestay Web are examples of two good resources to use. Any length of stay may be accommodated (a few weeks to a year). If you are interested in this option, please contact these organizations directly, not the UCI Housing Office.

Remember that you can pre-arrange temporary accommodations for the first few days, while you are looking for a place to live.

UCI is largely a commuter campus and many students prefer to live off-campus at the beach, which is about 15-20 minutes away by car, or about 45-60 minutes away by public bus. Although Irvine does have a bus service, and UCI has a shuttle service, public transport is not extensive and can serve as a challenge when looking for housing. You may want to rent a car to be able to get around more easily while looking for a place to live. Previous reciprocity students recommend living in Newport BeachBalboa Island, or Costa Mesa, but do keep in mind that these areas are not walking distance from campus. Almost all American (and some international) students have cars, so once you make friends, ride sharing may be an option to get to campus if you choose to live in one of these areas.

We understand that some of you may be concerned about arriving in a foreign country with no place to live. It is very normal to be a little frightened and not feel comfortable with this situation. However, let us reassure you that we always have a number of students each year who arrive to Irvine without knowing where they are going to live, and every year our students are successful in finding housing. If you are flexible, it should only take you a few days to a week to find suitable housing for the remainder of your stay.