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Study Abroad for Foreign Languages


Why study language abroad?

"For Spanish majors, spending at least one semester in a Spanish-speaking country is an absolute must. Judging from my own experience -my family and I spent 1987-1988 with EAP in Barcelona,- I cannot stress enough the usefulness of "living" the language and culture on a daily basis. 

"Living" the language is very different from the normal five-hours-per-week exposure to Spanish in a university classroom. My family's stay in Spain truly opened my mind to diverse points of view.  There is nothing more exciting than following in the steps of world-class writers like Cervantes or Unamuno! 

Studying on EAP is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- don't miss it!"

-- Juergen Kempff
UCI Professor of Spanish


Check out UCEAP Programs that offer beginning and intermediate language courses

- Residence Requirement for Language Minors: At least 4 upper-division courses required for the minor must be completed successfully at UCI. By petition, 2 of the 4 may be taken through the UCEAP Programs, providing course content is approved in advance by the appropriate department chair.

- Majors & minors can fulfill lower and upper division requirements abroad.

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