Our Mission

The mission of the Study Abroad Center is to foster a culture at UCI in which study abroad is expected and achievable for all students.

The Center assists students in participating in programs abroad that offer unique academic opportunities, international learning and personal development while making progress toward their UCI degree.  Graduates who have studied abroad become future leaders – in public, private and non-profit sectors – with a more nuanced understanding of other countries and cultures as well as greater self-awareness and self-confidence.  We aim to ensure that our students’ study abroad experiences help them affect positive change in the world, both locally and globally.

Student Learning Outcomes

UCI study abroad participants report and demonstrate significant gains in the following areas:

  • Independence, self-confidence and flexibility
  • Clarity about their own values and their future goals
  • Understanding views and perspectives held by others
  • Foreign language skills

Our Goals

The Study Abroad Center aims to have 20% of UCI students studying abroad prior to graduation by 2020.  Currently, approximately 900 UCI students study abroad each year, which represents 13% of a graduating class.

We also seek to have more students studying abroad as sophomores and juniors and fewer as seniors so that returned study abroad participants have the opportunity to enrich the UCI community with what they have learned abroad prior to graduating.

Why Study Abroad?

There are many ways that study abroad will help you professionally, educationally and personally.  Here are just a few:

Employers want the skills study abroad provides:  cross-cultural competence, language ability, ability to deal with people of diverse backgrounds, and flexibility in dealing with new situations.  They will also see you in many more positive ways because of your studying abroad.  There is also research that shows higher salaries for students who studied abroad vs. those who did not.

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The world is here too!  You will work with people who come from a wide range of countries, cultures and backgrounds, even if you stay right here in California.  You will be better able to live and work alongside if you understand something of the cultures of your neighbors and co-workers.

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You will be a better student by studying abroad.  Several research studies show that students who studied abroad graduated faster, increased their GPA’s more than their classmates who did not.  You will also have the opportunity to learn about your field in a different country and context than here, which may make you more competitive for jobs upon graduation.

UC San Diego

Go abroad now – because you might never be as free as you are right now!  For many of you, you are still free of many things in your life that will make it more difficult to study, work or live abroad later.  Your family situation, your job situation, mortgage, and obligations that often multiply as you get older are likely less of an impediment now, so now is the time to go!  You will have unique experiences that set you apart and give you perspectives on the world that are necessary for leaders and citizens of any nation.