Reflections While Abroad Online Seminar

Reflect on the experiences you are having while abroad
Share with other Anteaters abroad around the world
Translate your experiences into meaningful learning and action

This 1.0 unit P/NP seminar is exclusively for current UCI UCEAP participants.

  • Fall 2019 Course: Uni Studies 197E Course Code: 87805
  • How to Enroll: Send authorization code request to Include your name & study abroad country(ies).
  • Note: This course does not have a meeting time. You participate online from abroad as it fits into your schedule.

Course description:

Engage in an online seminar with UCI students studying abroad all over the world! Participating in this seminar will allow you to share and compare the experiences you are having abroad with others. Brief writing assignments will help you translate what you are experiencing abroad into concrete academic and career skills that will last a lifetime.

Past students say:

  • This course helped me slow down and look at this experience and appreciate it. Professionally, the reflections helped me better understand what it is that I have learned and what it is that I am taking from this experience.
  • The professor asked specific questions that were unique enough that the class is worth taking.
  • This class provided a sense of Anteater community even when we’re all on separate parts of the planet.

If you have any questions, contact the Study Abroad Center.