Study Abroad Video Resource Library

Below you will find a variety of video resources and information session recordings hosted by the UCI Study Abroad Center, UCEAP, other UC campuses, and other international education organizations.

Study Abroad Basics

Study Abroad 101

Learn the basics of study abroad including benefits, program options, earning credit towards your degree, funding/financial aid, how to apply, and getting started. Check out the information session presentation slides.


UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) offers over 150 programs in 50+ countries ranging from academic programs to internships to research in a variety of majors.

Other UC Study Abroad Programs

UCI students can participate in study abroad programs offered by other UC campuses and still use financial aid while making progress towards their degree! Explore the benefits of traveling with a UC faculty member (presentation slides).

Academics: Courses and Credit

Learn about the academic planning process, useful resources, selecting courses, and earning credit for UCEAP programs.

Internships & Research Abroad

Discover internship and research opportunities through UCEAP and other UC campuses. In-person and virtual options are available.

UC-Wide Virtual Programs

This session highlights the virtual global programs available through UC campuses and UCEAP. Check out the presentation slides

I Studied Abroad & Why You Should Too! 

Watch this short video to hear directly from your fellow global anteaters about why you should study abroad!

Study Abroad Student Panel

Hear from study abroad returnees about their personal and academic experiences abroad.

For more information, check out our Get Started, Academics, and Program Options pages.

Health and Safety

Studying Abroad During a Pandemic

Find out what studying abroad during a pandemic is like and how you can prepare for a safe experience abroad.

Tips for Traveling During COVID

Learn tips and resources for traveling abroad during COVID.

For more information, check out our Health and Safety Abroad page.

Identity-Based Resources

Exploring Your Unique Identities Abroad and Away

Explore how your identities can impact your experience abroad, consider different cultural perceptions of identities, and review resources to prepare yourself for a successful study abroad experience.

Studying Abroad as a First Generation Student

Hear from first generation study abroad returnees about their experiences and why you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity during your time here at UCI.

Studying Abroad as a Latinx Student

Explore the stories of a variety of Latinx students who have studied abroad during their time at UCI.

Open Dialogue: Study Abroad – the Black Experience

In this Open Dialogue, we hear from a variety of students about their study abroad experience as a Black American.  

For more information, check out our Diversity and Access page.

Finances, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

UCEAP Student Budgets and Affordability

This session covers program cost breakdowns, financial aid, budgeting, and resources for UCEAP programs.

How to Win Free Money With Study Abroad Scholarships

Learn about available scholarships for studying abroad and how to write essays that make you stand out.

Get That Scholarship!

Learn how to write a competitive scholarship essay to help fund your study abroad program! It’s never too early to start working on your scholarship applications! Check out our presentation slides.

Gilman Scholarship for Studying & Interning Abroad

The Gilman Scholarship awards up to $5,000 for Pell grant recipients to study abroad. Learn about eligibility requirements, the application process, and how to make yourself a competitive applicant.

UCEAP Scholarships: Making your Application Shine

UCEAP offers many different scholarships for study abroad participants. Find out about the various scholarships and learn tips for making your application shine.

For more information, check out our Finances page.

Program Options by Region and Country

England, Ireland, and Scotland

Mediterranean (Italy and Spain)

Latin America and Spain

Northern Europe

Central Europe and Russia

Korea, Singapore, and Thailand

India and Japan

China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Barbados, Canada and Oceania

Africa and Middle East

For more program options, check out our Programs page.

Program Types

Independent programs

If you cannot find what you are looking for on a UC program, you can also participate on an Independent Program. Independent Program study options are offered by:

  • International education organizations based in the U.S. (Such as those listed in our short-list of Independent Programs below).
  • Universities abroad (i.e. direct-enrollment at a foreign institution such as Fudan University, Waseda University, etc.)
  • Other U.S. colleges and universities (such as Orange Coast College, American University, etc.)

Check out information session recordings and presentation slides from various independent program providers below:

*Please note, if you require financial aid, you must participate in a program from our list of Independent Programs Approved for Financial Aid. If you do not require financial aid, you can participate in many other Independent Programs.